5 Ways Ubuntu can change the way you look at Payroll Outsourcing for your company

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We know you know that feeling. It’s that time of the month and your accounts team has to slog through an entire month’s payroll responsibilities yet again. Wouldn’t you rather your team was utilised to its fullest potential without menial tasks keeping them busy?

Allow Ubuntu to change the way you look at your payroll management and show you why it’s just so much better to outsource.

Save money

Every minute you are able to save in a day means money. What we mean by this is that every task handled by your employees is linked to a rand value so time wasted is essentially money wasted. Think about how much time and money your company is spending on simple payroll tasks such as generating payroll reports, calculating employee hours, deductions, time off and so forth.

Calculate a number of productive hours spent on payroll tasks and discover how much Ubuntu can really save you if you let our team handle it for you.

Save time

Time is money and keeping track of garnishments, benefit deductions, terminations, paid time off, federal and state regulatory changes are but a few of the payroll responsibilities that keep a team busy.

You have dreams to take your company to a higher level and you don’t want admin tasks holding you down? Outsourcing your payroll will allow you, as an employer, to focus on the important things while we take care of the necessary things.

Expert assistance

If there is one thing every business owner cannot afford, it’s mistaken slipping in when doing payroll. Training someone to do proper payroll management could cost you a lot of money and hiring someone with the necessary experience and skill on a permanent basis could cost you more!  Ubuntu’s team of skilled and diligent payroll masters will ensure that your payroll tasks are handled with the utmost care and expertise, therefore minimising the risk of mistakes.

Increase staff productivity

At Ubuntu, we like to believe that we are giving our clients their valuable time back. Think what your employees could achieve with a few extra free hours in a day. Just think where your company could go! It is quite simple, outsourcing your payroll means increased productivity and motivation for your team.

Improved security

In-house payroll comes with a degree of risks some of which include identity theft, employees tampering with records for personal gain, embezzlement… need we continue? When you outsource your payroll management to us, we ensure that it is handled using only the most cutting-edge software and stored on highly-secure servers giving you an extra measure of security and peace of mind.

The list goes on. At Ubuntu, our main focus will always be to save companies money, time and resources. Book a free consultation with us and we’ll arrange a chat with one of our expert managers to see how we can help your company.

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