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Think about it. What is the single most important thing to you as a business owner? Our guess is that with most business owners their answer will be a version of money, time or resources. When running a company, we all want to ensure that time is well spent and money is made on more occasions than it is spent.

Welcome to Ubuntu Resource Management. How may we be of assistance?

For the past 23+ years, we have gone from strength to strength to ultimately become one of South Africa’s leading HR outsourcing and staffing firms. With an extensive and long-standing client portfolio, we use our experience and expertise to offer a number of invaluable advantages to the companies that hire us.

What can we do for you?

Industrial Relations

We consider ourselves as your full-service partner in human resource and industrial relations management. Our 30+ years of experience in workforce management enables us to seamlessly integrate with your management to provide a complete and effective outsourcing solution.

Payroll Management

We are your pay-master partner and our main goal is to save our clients time and subsequently money. We take care of monthly and weekly payroll, IRP 5 returns, all 3rd party payments and more tasks that undoubtedly take up a lot of your company’s time and resources.


Welcome to your one-stop staffing solution where our team is constantly keeping abreast of the latest industry events and specialised markets. Finding the right person that fits the job could very well turn into a manhunt for a needle in a haystack.

This is why we use our considerable time and resources to scout candidates that will best suit your company and requirements. We can assist companies to find employees in fields such as finance, logistics, HR, Operations and more.


At Ubuntu, we offer skills training that will empower your employees and essentially uplift your company. We would like to think of ourselves as your up-skill solutions partner.

Let’s meet up

We exude passion in every task we tackle and we would like to extend that passion to your company by giving you your money, time and resources back. Contact us and let’s meet up to discuss how Ubuntu can help you.

Just think about it… What could your team achieve with that extra bit of time on their hands? The possibilities are endless.

Click here to contact us and let’s get together.

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