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Dear employers, this will tell you everything you need to know about UIF so read carefully. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) essentially serves as a safety net for employees who are retrenched or unable to work due to maternity leave, for example. Okay, that you already know. Let’s carry on.

When do the Unemployment Insurance Act and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act apply?

These acts apply to all employers and employees unless:

  • Employees are working less than 24 hours a month for an employer
  • Public servants
  • Learners
  • Employees who receive a monthly State pension
  • Employees who only earn commission

Important note: Domestic employers and their workers were included under the act since April 2003.


As the employer, you are responsible for deducting the employees 1% contribution from his/her salary and combine it with your 1% which then gets paid to the Fund. It is absolutely vital that all of your employees are registered for UIF.

Both the employer and employee’s contributions must be paid before the 7th of the new month.

As an employer, you may not:

  • Deduct more than 1%
  • Deduct the outstanding amounts should you fall behind with payments
  • Request a fee for deducting the money

The following employees cannot claim from the UIF, thus employers should not deduct UIF from their salaries:

  • People who do not earn a salary. They are paid only for what they sell or make
  • People who work less than 24 hours per month
  • Sole traders who are employers
  • Someone who does piece work at a different premises

For full details on how to pay UIF, click here

Where can you register for UIF

Employers need to complete the relevant forms for both themselves and their employees. The application forms are available at the Department of Labour or www.labour.gov.za.

For the full registration steps, click here

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